Q: I would like to have my stove delivered this week, but I cannot leave work to meet the delivery guys during the day. If I leave the garage open, can they drop off the stove?

A: We understand the busyness of our customers – not many people can afford the luxury of being home all day waiting for a delivery! Although we cannot deliver an appliance without someone being there to accept it, we do allow more freedom by giving you a courtesy call 20 minutes before your delivery is scheduled. However, in the event that the contact person can’t be reached and/or no one is at the appointed address, a re-delivery charge will be assessed. If other arrangements need to be made, you must call the store at least 3 hours before the scheduled start time to avoid a re-delivery charge. This ensures that all deliveries are made as quickly as possible.

Q: I don’t get out of work until 5pm. Can I schedule my delivery after 5pm?

A: Due to the fluctuating schedules of the delivery team, we cannot guarantee timed deliveries. However, we try to accommodate requests whenever possible.